Mitsubishi Thermostat

Air Group offers home automation and links appliances such as your Mitsubishi Electric thermostat.

Winter is here, and the weather outside is frightful. You want to stay warm throughout the season, but you don’t want your heating bill to rise drastically either. The answer? Home automation! Not only does having a smart home make your appliances controllable from your smartphone or tablet, it helps with your home’s heating needs, as well as visibility and convenience.


Manage Your Thermostat–  One major benefit with home automation is a smart thermostat, with an app for your phone or tablet! With a smart thermostat, no matter where you are, you have the ability to monitor your thermostat. This prevents you from wasting heat when you’re out of the house. Smart thermostats learn your habits too, so they can create a heating program based on your habits. If you forget to set the heat when you leave, you can do it from wherever you are! Drastic change in temperature during the day? (yes- this winter in particular – a 30 degree swing in 24 hours!) you can raise or lower the temperature for your at home pets! If no one is home for most of the day, the smart thermostat will create a program that starts heating 20 minutes before you arrive home. This way you save money and walk into a warm home.


Manage Your Lighting- With our smart home lighting packages, you can control your lighting, individually, from your phone or tablet. Coming home unexpectedly to a dark house is no longer a concern, as you can now turn specific lighting on before you arrive, or shut off when you leave. No more getting out of a warm, cozy bed to turn off the outside lights, just swipe from your device.


See Who is There- With our smart home cameras, we offer either doorbell, or placement type, you can see who is at the door, or watch the new puppy, while away from home. Our Electrical department can install visibility cameras wherever you need them, and you can monitor activity from afar.


Air Group not only takes care of all your home comfort and HVAC needs, we handle home automation. Air Group’s team of expert technicians can install, repair, and maintain smart thermostats from companies such as Carrier, Lutron, Eccobee, and many more. Learn more about how Air Group can help your heating needs through home automation—call 800-545-1020 or visit us online at


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