Why Natural Gas Makes Cents

Air Group is all about providing comfort and safety to our friends, family, and neighbors. But how about making your wallet feel a bit more comfortable too? By making the switch with an oil to gas conversion, you’ll be able to reap all the benefits of using the cleanest and least expensive way of heating your home.

Oil is a fossil fuel that burns with a solid residue (soot), requiring constant cleaning and leaving an odor while natural gas is an efficient, safe and reliable fuel source. Natural gas costs less than heating oil, and is one of the cleanest-burning fuels available. Converting to natural gas will reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve the air quality in your home, as well as your community.

Converting from oil to gas is now easier than ever. We have streamlined our process for oil-to-gas conversion projects, creating a one-stop resource for customers. We can replace your old, inefficient boiler with one of our high efficiency boilers – so you can upgrade to a cleaner energy source while saving you money and wasting less energy…leaving you with that warm, fuzzy feeling.

Are You Still Stuck With Oil?

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