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Never run out of Hot Water again!  A water heater provides domestic hot water for your home (sinks, showers, etc.) and is usually separate from your heating system.  There are two types of water heaters – traditional & tankless.   With a traditional water heater, water is preheated and stored versus the continuous flow of a tankless heater.  Which is best?   Well, that all depends on your demand & your daily habits.  High efficiency models are available in both traditional & tankless water heaters. Your salesman will speak with you about your daily routine and can specify which is more suited for your family.

  • Traditional Water Heater

    There are two types: one uses a chimney and one is a direct vent.  (With NJHP audit program a direct vent is necessary).



  • Tankless Water Heater

    Heats water only when you need it! Our tankless water heaters are the wave of the future – you’ll enjoy saving 40% in energy savings, endless hot water and significant space savings! The benefits are endless…Just like the hot water.


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