Energy Audits

Why put high efficiency equipment in a low efficiency home? We can tighten your house with air sealing and insulation accompanied with new high efficiency heating equipment and you may qualify for a generous rebate and financing through the New Jersey home performance program.

Air Group is a BPI (Building Performance Institute) accredited contractor – proficient in performing money-saving Home Energy Audits. In conjunction with the New Jersey Clean Energy Program, Air Group is certified to help you receive extensive rebates!

We can perform a custom energy audit designed to help you stop losing energy and start saving money with new and efficient equipment. Our blower-door test temporarily de-pressurizes your house and makes energy leakage easier to detect – we can show you where your energy dollars are escaping and then seal them up!

Air Group will handle all of the paperwork and obtain all the necessary approvals to help you take advantage of rebate programs and special incentives to help make purchasing equipment, sealing up and insulating more affordable. New Jersey has some of the best programs in the country! Schedule a home energy audit today – you can’t afford not to!

At Air Group, we are experts in comfort and indoor air quality. We are committed to helping you create the kind of environment you want inside your home. With our Air Advice HomeAdvice™ program, we will monitor your indoor air quality (IAQ) with the latest technology available. Our Air Advice Monitor examines the air in your home for 3 days, giving a state-of-the-art evaluation of your air. Gain the peace of mind you deserve knowing you are educated about the dangers of indoor air pollution and can take the steps needed to protect your family, their health, and your home environment.

Call us today to schedule an appointment and to start saving.