Energy Audits

Why put high-efficiency equipment in a low-efficiency home? That doesn’t make much sense. Luckily, we have a great way to help you solve that problem. We can perform a custom energy audit on your home. This is designed to prevent you from losing energy and start saving money. Better yet, the equipment is new, efficient, and our experts are well-trained and well-versed when it comes to using it.

Our blower-door test is the perfect way to learn about how your house uses energy. The goal of the blower-door test is to measure how air-tight your house is. This makes energy leakage easier to detect and, therefore, easier to adjust and respond to. The test is simple: we send the house’s airflow through a fan and out the door. The fan is marked with scales of measurements that our experts know how to assess. Our experts will multiply the cubic feet of air by 60 and then divide by the volume of the home. This will determine the number of air changes per hour. Then, the expert will compare that number to the standards within the International Energy Conservation Code and then make adjustments accordingly. When making those adjustments, the architecture and location of the home will be taken into consideration.

Essentially, we can show you where you are losing money on energy. Afterwards, we will provide a detailed report with recommendations on where to make improvements and, of course, save energy. That’s right: we can stop your home from leaking energy and you from leaking money.

So, why wait? Schedule a home energy audit today. The process is simple. All you have to do is schedule it on our website, or you can give us a call at 800-545-1020. You will thank yourself later!

We look forward to helping you!