Residential Service Team

Joe Cyckowski

Jim Moore

Alex Fonseca

Tim Mulligan

John-Paul Kiesel

direct: 973-929-2087
mobile: 201-787-2931

Jamie Lospinoso

Angelo Cristofolo

Electrical and Generator Sales
direct: 973-929-2081
mobile: 201-410-3318

Chris Devereux

Giancarlo Pesantez

Richard Lagreca

David Wilks

Ron Racioppi

Luis F. Reyes

“At Air Group, we have an experienced team of courteous sales professionals who listen to your concerns, and provide you with a solution to your HVAC needs. It begins with me, I have been with Air Group for over 30 years, and have input each and every sale. Our men will work within your schedule to meet you, and promptly deliver the right choices for your family’s comfort.”

– Bill Esdale, Sales Manager