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What You Should Know About Generators

When the power goes out for longer than a few hours, many people will start to panic and wish they had a backup plan. A generator will be the backbone for such a plan that will give security to your home or business. It is critical to understand what generators are,...

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Avoid Winter Home Risks

During the winter, people see a spike in their home heating bills. However, in an effort to stay warm, some people may inadvertently cause damage to their homes--there is an increase in home fires between December and March, and two of the leading causes are heating...

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Please Clear The Snow On and Around Your Generator!

Ensure that you have power when you need it most! Shoveling a 2 ft. perimeter around the generator will allow access for the air intake.  Clearing the top of your generator of snow & ice is essential to prevent the access panel door from freezing shut. All...

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Tips On How To Winterize Your Home

The cold is officially here! During these wintry days, you probably want nothing more than a warm home to stay toasty in. Here at Air Group, we can help you with some tips on how to winterize your home and keep you and your family comfy this season. Ditch the Drafts A...

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3 Reasons Why Maintaining Your Standby Generator is Essential

Too often we live by a sort of “out-of-sight, out-of-mind” mindset about our home fixtures. This time of year, with the first snow under our belts already, it’s unacceptable to think that way about our standby generators. Regularly maintaining your standby generator is essential — when you need it the most you want to know it will be there for you. We’ve already outlined all the problems you can face without a standby generator, but here we explain why it’s almost as bad to have a poorly-maintained generator as it is to have none at all.

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8 Reasons Why You Should Definitely Not Get A Standby Generator

Standby generators are nifty inventions – for some. They turn mechanical energy into electrical energy whenever you need it, and who would want that kind of convenience, that kind of security? Especially this time of year when snowstorms happen regularly and blackouts increase dramatically. You have your reasons though, and we’ve gathered a few that we could think of.

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