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Below are some of the common questions customers have. If you have questions about Air Conditioning, Heating, Plumbing, and Electrical, please let us know.

General Questions

How do I use my thermostat?
My humidifier is beeping and/or flashing - What do I do?

This probably indicates a leak. We’ve listed a few possible causes and solutions for you.

Possible Cause: Possible Solution:
My humidifier pad has not been properly installed. At the top of the evaporator pad there should be a black mark, which can help you to correctly adjust the pad.
My humidifier is not draining. Check for a kink/debris in the drain line.
The water connection fittings have not been tightened properly. Tighten all water line connection points.
Water is either not staying on pad or is coming into the humidifier too quickly. Make sure the metering/orifice is in place. Depending one the model they’re typically yellow or orange.
There is heavy mineral build up on my evaporator pad. Replace pad.
How do I keep my humidifier set?

Many newer humidifiers have digital programmable timers. When setting your humidifier it is important to remember to maintain a healthy humidity level. Most agree the optimal healthy humidity level falls between 30% and 50%. Humidity that measures above 50% creates a breeding ground for mold and bacteria, while humidity that measures below 30% increases the likelihood of cold and flu viruses spreading.

My heat/air is not working, what do I do?

Here are some easy fixes. If none of these work, call your friends at Air Group and we’ll take it from there.

  • Check your circuit breaker
  • Check the emergency switch.
  • Make sure thermostat is set to automatic.
Do you do duct cleaning?

No, we do not offer duct cleaning services through Air Group.

What does spring preventative maintenance entail?

Our spring preventative maintenance usually takes between 45-60 minutes. During this time we complete the following tasks:

  • Remove any winter covers/obstructions.
  • Replace/clean air filters.
  • Check ductwork for loose or open fittings, pierced vapor barrier, etc.
  • Open all diffusers and remove any obstruction.
  • Inspect fan belt and adjust motor pulley and oil motor as necessary.
  • Check pitch of air handler.
  • Test primary and secondary condensate drains with water and pressurize with nitrogen.
  • Check for secondary drain pan and recommend installation if necessary.
  • Check condition of condenser coil.
  • Check all safety controls and electrical connections.
  • Visually inspect all capacitors for bulges or splits.
  • Check condenser fan motor amps, compressor start, and running amp draw.
  • Check refrigerant charge.
  • Check attic fan operation.
In my service agreement, what kind of maintenance do I get?

With both of our Gold and Platinum Service Plans we offer a free annual Master Tune-Up. This tune-up includes both heating and cooling services such as carbon monoxide testing, cleaning, checking thermostats, pilot assemblies, valves, wiring, changing filters and more. For the complete list of what the Master Tune-Up entails click here.

How often should I maintain my HVAC system?

We recommend that your heating and cooling system be checked and serviced twice a year; ideally a spring and an autumn tune-up. We also recommend that you change your filter regularly.  This alone can eliminate many of the most common problems that need fixing and can significantly reduce the likelihood of a serious breakdown.

Why do I hear a chirping sound coming from my furnace closet?

A chirping sound could be coming from a carbon monoxide or smoke detector that might be located near your unit. Locate it and check the batteries — change if needed. If you can not find where the sound is coming from, please contact us.

What can I expect when Air Group comes to my home?

Find out by visiting our “What to Expect From an Air Group Visit” page.

I have a question about an invoice

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