Training Program

Each recruit we bring into Air Group is first enrolled in the on-site Comfort Institute training program. This training spans a 3-month learning experience that has been developed over the years by seasoned veterans and features dedicated teachers and the latest state-of-the-art training equipment. As we said, we only want the best for our staff!

Air Group Way Training

Air Group OHSA 10 training session.

The training technicians receive personalized attention in their classrooms to help them learn and gain valuable experience and confidence. They also get to test their skills in our 2,000 sq. ft. on-site training house that we built inside our warehouse. This training house provides an invaluable, realistic learning environment for our new techs. It allows them to get their feet wet so they’ll be experts and confident in their work when they get to your home.

Training in our house mockup

Techs get hands-on training inside Air Group’s training house.

Air Group’s teaching staff includes professional technicians whose knowledge and qualifications have been recognized by the North American Technician Excellence (NATE). We hold our technicians to the highest industry standards to ensure that they install and service your equipment correctly the first time! Our reputation is built on delivering excellence because that is what our customers deserve.

Our Air Group Training Team

You want only the best for your home. So do we. Each of our technicians is trained in the “Air Group way.” Only then can they hit the road with us.

Jim Wargo Training

Jim Wargo instructing Air Group techs.

Jim Wargo, our chief technical trainer, only picks recruits who have shined in vocational school to join our team. Jim knows a bit about excelling in the “Air Group way” himself because, in 2007, he competed in the 8th annual Certified Technician Competition. Out of the thousands of technicians in the country, only the top seven were invited to compete for the national title. Guess who was there? That’s right, our very own Jim Wargo.

Air Group Classroom Video

We pride ourselves in our training the best and investing in our world-class teachers. Our customers deserve only top-notch service, and that service begins with training.

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