It’s summertime, it’s sweltering hot, and your blood is boiling. The mercury levels are rising incredibly high and are about to burst the thermometer. Sweat drips down your face, arms, and legs…you feel gross. You run inside and go to turn on your air conditioner. The sweet rumbling and first blast of cool air hit your face. Heaven. But it wasn’t always so simple.

Many centuries ago, the Egyptians took wet reeds and hovered them over opened windows for shade, cavemen used earthen burrow dwellings to cool themselves, and the Chinese used hand-held fans as a means to keep cool.

Yes, for many of us born in the second half of the 20th century, we sure are privileged to have one of the most incredible inventions known to man, the air conditioner. But did you know that it also provided many other benefits for us?

  • Without air conditioning, certain medications would not exist. In order to be studied and tested, these drugs would need to be in a cool environment. Thanks, air conditioning!
  • Since 1940, the rapid growth of Las Vegas, Phoenix, Houston, and other “Sun Belt” cities would have been unthinkable without the advent of air conditioners.
  • Do you love catching a summer blockbuster at the cinema? You can thank air conditioning. Moviemakers released their big pictures during the summer because people sought out air-conditioned buildings to escape the heat.
  • How about this one? You wouldn’t be able to read this article right now if it weren’t for air conditioning. That’s right! You can thank the air conditioner for advancing computer development and manufacturing.
  • Every spring, air conditioners have relieved millions of allergy sufferers by providing clean, filtered air. Say hello to improved indoor air quality!
  • High ceilings and open floor plans weren’t just pretty designs for homes. They were made to optimize airflow in a hot building. Now, you can live and work in towering glass buildings (thanks to air conditioning).
  • Vegas wouldn’t be Vegas without the invention of the air conditioner. Before air conditioning, the Northeast was the nation’s economic powerhouse. Population explosions in places like Arizona, Nevada, Florida, and Texas can be directly attributed to the introduction of air conditioning.
  • The development of air conditioning halted the spread of diseases. Many diseases spread in warm environments, but the air conditioner, this had stopped many of them. 

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