What to Expect From a Service Call

Scheduling Your Visit

Scheduling a service call appointment is quick and easy. You can talk to a Customer Service Specialists by calling 973.929.2080 or using the chat on this site. Once your appointment is confirmed, here’s what you can expect:

We’re On Our Way

The technician will review your file and situation before being dispatched. Next, your technician will call or text your cell phone once he is heading towards your location, allowing you to prepare for their arrival and take care of any necessary steps you might need. TIP: Clear any objects or clutter around the equipment being serviced.

The Air Group Van

The van that your technician will arrive in comes loaded with a full supply of the most common parts and tools. Every Air Group van is a mobile warehouse with the latest and greatest gear to fix practically all issues on-the-spot. Your technician also will be briefed on what to expect once they arrive at your door.

Our Arrival

Once your technician arrives, they will greet you at the door wearing the Air Group uniform. Your technician will enter and ask where the location of the problem. They will also begin to gather more information from you to get a better idea of what the issue might be. The more information provided, the better equip the technicians will be to diagnose and fix it quickly and efficiently. Teamwork!

The Diagnostic

Once the technician gathers as much information from you, they will enter the diagnostic phase to find out what is wrong. Our technicians are trained by award-winning instructors in specialized courses to ensure a proper and speedy diagnosis. They furthermore are in constant contact with senior technicians and managers. They will even work directly with the manufacture of whatever part is malfunctioning to correct any problem.

The Solution

After your technician diagnoses the issue and knows what is needed, they will explain in detail what will go into the repair, along with how to improve your comfort, efficiency, and safety. We do not merely want to resolve the issue, but we also want to improve it. Once you completely grasp the problem and approve the repair, your technician will get working.

More Than Just a Fix

At the end of the service call, you get more than just the solution and same-day relief – you will also get educated on what went wrong, how it affected your system, and what was needed to get it fixed.

The support does not end once the technician drives away. Our support team is always standing by.

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