Because of the current pandemic, an increasing number of New Jersey residents are now concerned about their home’s air quality. The reality is, we are now spending more time indoors and are aware of new dangers. The air we are breathing inside our homes must also be conducive to keeping us healthy.

If you are seeking an air purification system that can destroy airborne contaminants like mold, bacteria, allergens, and viruses, then it’s worth investing in a UV-based solution.

What Exactly is UV Air Purification?

UV air treatment uses a highly concentrated ultraviolet (UV) light to kill a wide array of indoor air pollutants. These types of UV systems can provide further protection against airborne dust, microorganisms, and other unpleasant particles. UV-V light systems can greatly reduce other pollutants like allergens and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

UV Lights Air Purifier Kills Viruses


What Kinds of Pollutants Can UV Kill?

Fortunately, ultraviolet light is highly effective for several types of microorganisms. These include mold, fungi, mildew, bacteria, and even viruses. UV light works by breaking down the molecular bonds in their DNA that holds them together –boom! This process will either kill them outright or render them unable to reproduce and spread., This means it will prevent them from infecting your home.

Can You Explain How These Systems Work?

A UV system is quite simple and works in conjunction with your existing HVAC system. One of our skilled installers will mount the UV lights inside of your ductwork near the main unit. Once installed, the air circulating through the ducts will pass through the UV rays destroying the pollutants.

“UV-V light systems can greatly reduce other pollutants like allergens and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).”

Are UV Lights Dangerous?

A few types of UV light can indeed have harmful effects on humans, UV air purifiers found in homes utilize UV-C light. This use of this light is not considered a risk because the UV light is contained within your duct system so you never risk direct exposure to the lights. In a nutshell, they are safe and used by hospitals every day.

To learn about UV light installation and other indoor air quality improvements, give us a call for a free consultation: 973.929.2080 or visit our Whole House Air Purification Services page.




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