At Air Group we offer a turnkey installation of either new or replacement heating systems – most of the time in one day. We are licensed plumbers and electricians, so whether you need a completely new system or just a replacement, we do the job start to finish. We take care of the town permits, contact your utility company for you and we also submit paperwork for all available rebates. So if you’re thinking of replacing your old, inefficient heating system with a new high-efficiency unit, set up an appointment here and let us worry about the rest. We’ve got you covered. We do not install or service oil heat. Ask us about our oil to gas conversions!


Furnace Installation

There are many reasons why you may have to replace your furnace: it continuously breaks down, it’s old or inefficient – but no matter what the reason may be, Air Group can help!

We will replace your old furnace with a new high efficiency furnace that will work better and more importantly, save you money. We proudly offer Carrier and Payne furnaces with all different price points and efficiencies, so no matter what your needs may be, we’ve got the furnace for you. Call today to schedule an appointment!

Furnace Equipment Options:

95%+ Efficiency Furnaces:
Carrier Performance Series Two-Stage (Good)
Carrier Infinity 96 Two-Stage (Better)
Carrier Infinity 98 Modulating Gas Furnace (Best)
80% Efficiency Furnaces:
Carrier Performance Series Two-Stage (Better)
Carrier Infinity Series Two-Stage (Best)
Budget Priced Furnaces:
PAYNE 95% AFUE Gas Furnace (Better)
PAYNE 80% AFUE Gas Furnace (Good)
Boiler Installation

As boiler systems age, they can lose efficiency or stop working altogether. We can install your new boiler for you and take care of any paperwork for rebates or permits. So, if you are having trouble with your boiler and need a replacement, give Air Group a call and schedule your appointment today!

80%+ Efficiency Steam Boiler
80%+ Hot Water Boiler
95%+ Prestige High Efficiency
Hot Water Boiler with Smart Tank
Heat Pumps

A heat pump is a device that transfers heat from a colder area to a hotter area. Heat pumps are good for heating townhouses or small spaces but they are not economical to heat an entire home. To heat an entire home you will need backup electrical heat – and electrical heat is expensive! Once the temperature reaches below 32°, a heat pump cannot produce enough heat to heat an entire house. So, if you have an existing, older heat pump call Air Group to schedule your appointment – you can save a lot of money upgrading to a high efficiency heat pump.

Packaged Geothermal Heat Pumps Carrier Performance Series
Two-Stage (Good)
Split System Geothermal Heat Pump Carrier Performance series
Two-Stage (Better)
Hydronic Heating and Cooling Geothermal System Carrier Performance Series
Two-Stage (Best)
Water Heaters

A water heater provides domestic hot water for your home and is usually separate from your heating system. There are two types of water heaters – traditional and tankless.

A traditional water heater stores and preheats 30-50 gallons of water in a tank that is used as needed and then the tank is refilled again. Tankless water heaters use a heat source (electric or gas) to warm up cool water on-demand whenever you need it rather than storing hot water in a tank.

Which is best for you? Well, that all depends on your demand and your daily habits. High efficiency models are available in both traditional and tankless water heaters. Give Air Group a call and your salesman will speak with you about your daily routine and recommend the best water heat for you. Or you can submit online for your free estimate by clicking here.

Traditional Water Heater
Tank-less Water Heater
Zoned Heating

You wouldn’t control all the lights in your home with one switch, so why control the temperature throughout your home with just one thermostat? Different areas of your house have different temperature needs, as do individual family members. We offer a full line of Carrier and Honeywell thermostat’s including touchscreen and Wifi capable models. Call Air Group today to talk to your salesman and find out how zoned heating can help you use less energy and save more money. Or you can submit online for your free estimate by clicking here.

Carrier Performance Edge Thermostat
programmable and non-programmable versions
Carrier Performance Edge Thermostat With Humidity Control
programmable and non-programmable versions
Carrier Infinity Control Thermostat
programmable and non-programmable versions
Honeywell Vision Pro TH8110
programmable and non-programmable versions