Are you constantly sneezing? Have itchy watery eyes indoors? You could be suffering from allergies or it could be caused by something as simple as DIRTY ducts in your home. Yes, that little hole in the wall, could be harboring those pesky dust mites and other harmful agents that are causing you discomfort. Here are an additional 5 reasons why you should be getting regular duct cleaning.

Breathe Easy

For those that suffer from asthma or chronic breathing problems, duct cleaning is a great solution for you. During springtime, it is hard enough to go outside and breathe in the pollen and allergens. But this does not have to be the case in your own home! That’s right, by getting regular duct cleanings, and adding an air cleaner, the air circulates filtered in your home and thus improving indoor air quality.


When dirt and dust accumulate in the duct system of your HVAC, it adds resistance to your airflow, diminishes the volume, and uses more energy for it to function properly. This can ultimately burn out the motor a lot faster, causing it to malfunction. However, with routine cleaning, and filtration, you can enjoy your air conditioner a lot longer.

Cleaner Home

With clean ductwork and filtration, less dust is circulated throughout your home. Not only can ducts harbor dust and other irritants, but they can also shelter small rodents. Eeek! This is why it is a good idea to get a regular cleaning, otherwise you may have more pets than you wanted.

Mold Eliminator

Where there is moisture, darkness, and something organic, there will be mold. If you have had water in your ductwork for any reason- or if you have had a flooded basement or crawl space, it is the ultimate breeding ground for this deadly fungus. Air Group can help remediate the mold and replace the ducts.

Are You Ready to Smell the Fresh Air?

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