After a long and cold winter season, it’s important to check up on your home as months of low temperatures and snow can leave devastating effects. We’ve compiled a checklist of things that every new homeowner should know. Spring home maintenance doesn’t have to be hard, so follow up with our list to see if you’ve covered all the bases!

Exterior Home Inspection

First things first! It’s a lot easier to start taking a look at your home from the outside. Just a quick walk around your home can help you pinpoint any damage that may be a cause for concern and prevent costly repairs before it can get worse.

  • Roof—For the most part, you can usually spot any roofing issues without having to get a ladder and climbing up on top of your house. Check to see if there’s any cracked or missing shingles. Strong winds can also make your shingles curl and lift up by destroying the bond that keeps your roof together.
  • Gutters—Are your gutters not properly draining water? Is there any debris that is blocking the proper drainage of water? Gutter cleaning can help keep it clear. Another thing to watch for is to check if your downspout is draining water away from the foundation as that can potentially lead to basement flooding.
  • Yard—Are there any spots in your yard where the ground is considerably lower than its surrounding areas? If so, yard flooding may be a possibility. When it rains, all the water can potentially pool up in one spot. To remedy this, you can get compacted soil and add them to these low areas. You might want to get to this before summer comes around as these pools of water in your yard will be ripe for a breeding ground of bugs. If you hate mosquitoes, you can limit them by getting rid of stagnant or still water around your home.
  • Chimney—Are there any bricks that are loose or missing? Consider getting your chimney swept to clear up the flue from winter use.
  • Lawn Equipment—Make sure any gas or battery powered lawn equipment is ready to go for the warmer months ahead. Clean them well, especially its blades—sharper blades will help make doing yard work a breeze!
  • Air Conditioning—Call a qualified home comfort specialist like Air Group to help tune up your air conditioning system. Cleaner coils for your system means better efficiency and lower energy costs. By getting regular maintenance done, any problem areas will also be addressed and give you a peace of mind when summer rolls around. Don’t forget to remove the cover from your air conditioner before you turn it on! If your air conditioner runs while covered, it could seriously damage your system.

Interior Home Inspection

  • Air Filter—After all that heavy use of your heating system during winter, spring is a good time to check up the air filter. Having a dirty air filter can increase the amount of allergens in your home and affect your indoor air quality.
  • Attic—Things to look out for in your attic are signs of insects and common pests like mice. These furry little creatures like the warmth and once they deem your home to be a safe area, you can expect them to reproduce and multiply very quickly. Another cause for concern is mold. Having your attic insulated properly and allowing for optimal air flow will help prevent the growth of mold, which is more prevalent in the summer.
  • Basement—Moisture is a common issue in basements. This is a result of poor ventilation and high humidity. To help combat this, getting a dehumidifier for your basement will help prevent the buildup of moisture.
  • Plumbing—Leaky faucets? It’s almost like taking money and shoving it down your drain. Let’s assume your leaking faucet drips at a rate of one droplet per minute. This equates to about 3,000 gallons of wasted water in a year. Other things to check up on are your pipes, washer and dryer hookups, and clogged drains.
  • Humidifier—Don’t forget to lower your humidifier setting or turn it off for the summer (if you have one). You would never want the humidifier to run with your air conditioning, as it won’t cool the air properly with it turned on.

Are You Ready For Spring?

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