Think Ahead to Winter:

Everyone says it every year, but every year it bears repeating: Now is the time to do basic maintenance on several of your home’s major systems, and to prepare proactively for winter’s challenges, rather than waiting and worrying through the cold months.

Recent years have brought new priorities. Ask Air Group about generator purchase or maintenance. Emergency generators have become almost standard as “extreme” weather can leave you in the dark. If you look ahead and see the possibility of power loss at your home, consider investing in the future with a generator.

Think Ahead All Day:

If you are in the habit of raising your home’s temperature when you’re already cold, or turning the furnace down because you’re hot, you are most likely wasting energy – and money!

The U.S. Department of Energy puts it this way: “A programmable thermostat can be set to begin its cool down well before you leave or go to bed and return to its regular temperature two or three hours before you wake up or return home…You can still save energy while maintaining a comfortable home.”

We have a selection of excellent programmable thermostats at Air Group, and can recommend the best one to help you get efficiency and comfort from your heating system. We will also help you design and implement a heating plan that works for your family’s daily routine.

You can always override a pre-set program on exceptional days – in fact, with many thermostats you can now adjust your home’s temperature remotely, from your smartphone!

Think Ahead about your Budget:

They call them Financing “Plans” for a reason – you can plan ahead to make sure you’re making efficient use of your money, investing in your home’s systems and maintenance on a regular schedule, instead of deferring or reacting only when you have an emergency.

Air Group offers dealer-sponsored financing for new equipment installations, including deferred payments and 0% interest programs for qualified customers. Give us a call to talk to a customer service representative to learn about financing options that help you plan ahead of time for equipment replacement or upgrades.

And don’t forget about our Service Plans! (That word again!) Each year when you renew your combo heat/cool service plan, you will receive $50 in loyalty credits. You can use them anytime you wish to offset the cost of new equipment, or you can hold onto the credits and accrue them to get equipment for free!