Did you know that your oil system could be costing you thousands of dollars each year in annual heating costs? With an oil to gas conversion, you can rest easy knowing that you’re being much more energy efficient, saving yourself from a potential environmental cleanup, and also adding more value to your home. Find out 3 reasons why you should consider gas heating for your home by reading on!

Gas Heating For Your Home Makes Cents, Literally.

Did you know that natural gas is the cleanest and least expensive way to heat your home? With the latest gas heating equipment, you can expect up to 98% AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency). Natural gas is currently less expensive than oil while also being less expensive than electric heat. Compared to the pricing for oil which is heavily dependent on the market, natural gas is a regulated source of energy. You can also expect to see great incentives from your utility company for making the switch to gas heating. While you do have to get a brand new system for your home, the amount of money saved on heating alone will pay for the entire cost of the installation and equipment within a couple of years, in most instances.

Selling Your Home Made Easier

Is making the change to gas heating worth it for your home? Many homeowners wonder if the investment can translate to added value and increased desirability for their home if they ever decided to put it up on the housing market. “Absolutely,” says Bill Esdale, Sales Manager at Air Group. “It is easier to sell a home with natural gas. Oil tanks must be removed before you sell your home. There is a stigma attached to the oil tank and the oil equipment. Oil is a fossil fuel, which leaves a solid residue known as soot. The equipment must be cleaned periodically, including your chimney. Natural gas is a gas that burns clean and reduces your carbon footprint.” In a recent article regarding oil tank removal, one New Jersey couple from Somerset paid over $50,000 to have theirs removed. Now, that’s a nightmare that no homeowner ever wants to deal with!

Natural Gas Appliances

Not only is the added efficiency and lower annual operating costs going to be a great selling point when you put your home on the market, but natural gas appliances can make your home really stand out from the crowd. For example, getting a natural gas fireplace can increase the value of your home by 6 to 12% according to the National Center for Real Estate Research. While going from oil or electric heating to gas heating may not be an easy feat, your investment in converting your home to gas heating will pay for itself – and quickly.

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