Too often we live by a sort of “out-of-sight, out-of-mind” mindset about our home fixtures. This time of year, with the first snow under our belts already, it’s unacceptable to think that way about our standby generators. Regularly maintaining your standby generator is essential — when you need it the most you want to know it will be there for you. We’ve already outlined all the problems you can face without a standby generator, but here we explain why it’s almost as bad to have a poorly-maintained generator as it is to have none at all.

There’s A Lot To Check

Standby generators seem simple enough — using gas to create electricity — but really it’s a complex machine, just like your car. Would you let your car go a year without a check-up? No, of course not, because you know if you miss a little problem in your car it can quickly turn into a big one. Air Group’s comprehensive maintenance plan covers everything so you don’t have to worry. We check the oil, oil filter, spark plugs, air filter, adjust and tighten the valves, perform a transfer test, check the gas pressure, check the voltage, hertz, and RPM outputs, and finally check the battery.

It Will Pay Off In The Long Run

A well-maintained standby generator can last from 10,000 to 30,000 hours. In New Jersey in 2013 there was over 51 hours total of power loss. Factoring that to be about the average yearly amount in New Jersey, and estimating your generator lasts about 10,000 hours, that means your standby generator, if well-maintained, could last you at least 20 years. That is definitely a long-term purchase. Not only will a well-maintained standby generator last you years and give you peace of mind, but it will also prevent having to make emergency calls which have higher rates than normal calls. If an emergency does occur with your generator, our service plan members receive priority service and discounted rates. All of which save you money.

It’s Not Worth The Risk

Your family is the most important thing to you. You can’t protect them from everything, but if there’s something you can protect them from, wouldn’t you want to? When you neglect to regularly maintain your standby generator you are risking it not working when you need it the most. We all know that most blackout occur in terrible weather such as blizzards or rainstorms. It’s at these times that heat, information, and comfort are the most important to your family, and a standby generator you can rely on is most important to you.

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