Your Heating System: The Heart Of Your Home

There are a lot of things to worry about in this life, but personal health is always at the top of the list. As obvious as it seems, a lot of people don’t realize that a healthy family starts with a healthy home. Just like your body needs regular check-ups, so does your home.  With the winter slowly creeping in through our windows and door seals, your heating system is the heart of your home (and health) right now. We at Air Group know you have a lot to worry about, so we try to help by offering a wide variety of maintenance plans and information. Why does your heating system need maintenance NOW? Easy: there are a lot of factors you don’t realize may be disrupting your heating system as you read this.

Dirt and Neglect Are #1 Killers

Energy Star, a division of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), states, “Dirt and neglect are the top causes of heating and cooling system inefficiency and failure.” Just because something is out-of-sight-out-of-mind doesn’t mean that everything’s okay. A simple dirt build up can cause expensive repairs or the premature demise of your heating system. The flue piping in a heating system is prone to rusting, which can potentially cause disconnect and backdraft.

There Are A Lot Of Little Things That Could Go Wrong

Your heating system is composed of a lot of parts, and sometimes when one part goes bad (or just malfunctions) it can cause trouble for the rest of the system. It’s a shame that what should be a quick fix can end up causing a lot of costly repairs or replacements. Once again, your home needs routine check-ups so we can catch a problem early and prevent any unnecessary damage. For instance, faulty valves or electrical connections can cause your heating system to operate unsafely (fires!) and reduce the life of your system. Another unsuspecting cause for malfunction comes from lack of lubrication in the moving parts of your system. Lack of lubrication causes friction in the motors of your system, which increases energy use and also causes your heating system to wear out more quickly. That’s not all though. It’s also important to make sure all your gas & oil connections, gas pressure, burner combustion and your heat exchanger are all working properly. Malfunction from any of these parts could be a serious safety hazard, as well as just creating a much less effective heating system.

It Could Save You Money

Routinely maintaining your heating system not only prevents needing costly repairs, but affects the energy efficiency of your home. According to the EPA, as much as half of the energy used in your home goes to heating and cooling. Being proactive and making good choices on maintaining your systems can reduce energy bills by up to 10%. Plus, thinking ahead will save you money on expensive emergency calls.

Are You Convinced Yet?

We hope so! A warm house will keep your family healthy (winter also means cold and flu season!) and knowing your system is running safely and properly will give you good mental health. Air Group suggests you give your heating system a check-up twice a year – once in the fall, before the cold really hits (NOW!), and once in the spring before the heat really hits. Not only do we offer annual maintenance plans, but we also offer rewards to our customers who enroll. With our loyalty program, we give you credit to upgrading your system or replacing it when it finally gives out!

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