No one likes feeling uncomfortable, especially during the summer when it can get really hot and humid. Good news though! There are several things you can do to keep the discomfort at bay. Keep reading for 3 ways you can keep your family feeling more comfortable during the summer.

Check Your Thermostat

One of the most obvious culprits of discomfort in your home is your thermostat! Check to see if the fan setting is turned on. By having the fan turned on, this will ensure that the air will be circulated throughout your home and increase air filtration along with improving your overall comfort. If you’re missing the owner’s manual for your thermostat, we have some on our website here.

Check Your Air Filters

Here’s another easy thing you can do. While usually you want to replace your air filter at least once or twice a year before the start of summer and winter, this number may change depending on how severe your allergies may be or if you have pets in your home. Due to pet hair and pet dander, you may want to change your air filter at least once a month to ensure that the air you are breathing in is clean. By keeping up with replacing your air filter regularly, you’ll greatly improve the efficiency of your air conditioning and the indoor air quality of your home.

Check Your Duct Registers

Find yourself getting too cold in your home and closing up the duct registers? How about keeping your room doors closed? Not so fast. By closing duct registers and doors, you’re actually cutting off the airflow of your air conditioner. With them staying open, you’ll be allowing the air to flow freely throughout your home, which effectively cools down the temperature and relieves you and your family of the unbearable humidity.

Get Professional Air Conditioner Maintenance Today

Another way of staying cool and making sure that you stay cool throughout the rest of the summer is to get maintenance for your air conditioner! Along with increased efficiency and performance, by being proactive you’ll be sure not to be stuck on a hot and humid day without air conditioning. Contact Air Group today by calling 1-800-545-1020 or schedule your maintenance online by clicking here.