After the winter that we’ve had, it’s probably pretty hard for you to imagine turning on your air conditioning unit. Believe it or not, the time for using your air conditioner again is just around the corner. For now, it’s the time to make sure your air conditioner will work how it’s supposed to, when it’s supposed to. But what if it doesn’t work correctly? How are you supposed to know what a unit blowing hot air means? Air Group’s got you covered. We’ve made a list of some common air conditioning problems you may run into and what exactly each means.

Your Air Conditioner Won’t Come On

You go to turn on your air conditioner but nothing happens. Why? Usually, it means that your system is not receiving power or that your thermostat is not set correctly. Make sure that your thermostat is set to “cool.” You may also need to adjust the temperature that it’s set to. After verifying that your thermostat is not the problem, check your fuse panel and make sure that neither the fuse nor the circuit breaker has blown or tripped. If the breaker is tripped, do not re-set it and forget it! There is a reason it tripped, remember your circuit breaker is a circuit overload protection device, please call a professional to diagnose the cause.

Your Air Conditioner Is Blowing Warm Air

Is your unit blowing warm air? This is a common air conditioning problem and it could mean several things. You could be running low on refrigerant, which requires a visit from a certified HVAC technician. It can also be an obstruction of airflow, either inside, or outside. Be sure that there aren’t leaves, mulch, or other debris blocking the airflow of your outside unit. If that’s not the case, consider when the last time the air filters in your inside unit were changed. A dirty filter could be preventing the cool air your system is producing from reaching your home.

Your Air Conditioner Won’t Turn Off

So you have your AC on, but now it won’t turn off. Or, it turns on and cycles frequently. This could mean several things. If it’s a new system you haven’t used before, the equipment may not be the right size to properly cool your home, which causes it to run longer, or to cycle rapidly, depending on whether it is under or over-sized. It may also be that the inside unit turns off, but that your outside unit does not stop running. You can test this by turning the thermostat fan switch off and seeing if it continues to run. Low refrigerant or faulty relays may be to blame, or a bad blower motor inside, but you should call a certified HVAC tech to diagnose the problem correctly.

Your Air Conditioner Is Frozen

Once again, this could be the culprit of insufficient airflow. Check to make sure that your air filter is clean. In the opposite effect as described earlier, the cold air may be trapped inside your system, which can and will eventually freeze your unit. A faulty relay or bad blower motor could again be the culprit—causing the outside unit to keep running even though the inside unit not moving the air.

Having A Problem?

Don’t worry, Air Group’s got you covered. Our certified technicians can help you with any of these problems—and they’re just a click away. To prevent further problems, however, we suggest routine maintenance. Routine maintenance elongates the lifespan of your appliances, reduces performance issues considerably, and ensures your peace of mind. Learn more about Air Group’s maintenance plans here.


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