The streets of New Jersey are lined with beautiful older houses. As an owner, you love the architecture, the history, the natural woodwork, and the general beauty of your home. You also love the steam heat that comes from your historic period radiators. What you don’t love is trying to find ways to cool it in the hot summer months. Here are 4 possible solutions to keep your old home feeling nice and comfortably cool this summer that work with your steam heat system.

Working With The Window

Using the windows of your home is an easy and affordable way to cool off your house during the massive heat waves. You can place fans in the windows and strategically throughout different rooms to pull in the cooler air from those summer storms and send out the stuffy hot air.

The Good Old Window Unit

Another easy solution to cooling off your home is going with good ol’ air conditioning window units. The units will allow you to target certain sections of your home rather than trying to cool down the entire house. Measure the area you are hoping to have the unit cool to ensure that you are getting the unit that best serves your needs.

Turn Down The Lights, order take-out!

Using energy efficient light bulbs will not only reduce your energy bill at the end of the month, but they will also help keep your home cooler. The light produced by these CFL and LED light bulbs does not produce as much heat as traditional light bulbs. By replacing your light bulbs with these more efficient bulbs in the fixtures throughout your home, you will help cool off your home and keep some extra cash in your pocket at the end of the day. Also avoid using your cooktop or oven on extreme heat days, as the heat they produce will only up the temperature in the kitchen and surrounding rooms.

Install a new high efficiency air conditioning system!

Though it may appear difficult, incorporating an air conditioning system into your older home is not impossible. Air conditioning units can be installed into older homes with independent duct systems. Or the newer “ductless” units may be the answer! The new air conditioning unit can work separately from your existing steam heat system, and keep you cool without the hassle of lugging the window units out every year. Central air conditioning does provide the dehumidification necessary to protect your wood floors and moldings. A bonus is you retain the window for natural light, not being blocked with a noisy window unit. We install these systems every day in these older, beautiful neighborhoods! Here are 4 possible solutions to keep your old home feeling nice and comfortably cool this summer that work with your steam heat system.

Interested In Installing A New Unit?

Are you interested in installing an HVAC system into your home – old or new? Contact the professionals at Air Group by scheduling an appointment online here or call us at 1-800-545-1020. Our trained professionals will work with you to figure out the best way to install your new central HVAC unit while working with the historic beauty of your home. We have done this for your neighbors!