It’s winter time and not only are you dreading the cold and the snow, you’re dreading seeing your utility bill to see how much you racked up in energy costs. Other than not turning on your heating system and bundling up in layers of clothing to keep costs down, there are alternatives like following these energy saving tips for winter. Keep on reading to find out what else you can do to help save you a little more money during this winter season!

Use Sunlight For Free Energy

It’s the largest star in our solar system that burns bright everyday. It gives off tons of heat too. Why not utilize the sunlight to warm up your home? Open up your curtains during the day to let in more of the sun’s rays. When it starts getting dark, close your curtains to keep the heat inside. Make sure your windows aren’t dusty and dirty too! Having a coating of dust on your windows can block out the warm heat that the sun gives off.

Add Moisture With A Humidifier

By running your heating system, you might find that the air inside your home can start getting a little dry. With a humidifier, you can add moisture to the air that will help you feel warmer. Humidity allows for moist air that will hold heat a lot better than dry air. Another way to add more humidity to your home is by getting some houseplants!

Your Fireplace Wastes Energy

Did you know that a fireplace is actually an energy-sucking monster? Not only can it rob your house of heated or cool air at any time (especially if you leave your damper open) but while a fire is burning, it’s sucking a lot of air out of your home. So how can you have your fire and your heat too? When you are burning a fireplace, crack open a nearby window. Most of the air the fire needs for combustion (and all the air it sends up the chimney) will come from that window instead of other places in your home.

Use Exhaust Fans Only When Necessary

That fan above your stove can suck out a lot of air when you turn it on. Same goes for the exhaust fan in your bathroom. Heat rises so when you have an exhaust fan turned on, they take all those dollars that you just spent to heat your house and spit them right back outside!

Keep Your Furnace Properly Maintained

Wow, who would’ve thought that getting regular maintenance for your heating system can save you money on energy costs?! You want your furnace and your vents properly maintained so that there are no blockages in airflow which will cause your heating system to work harder (meaning higher energy costs). Check your furnace filter to see if it’s dirty and if it is, make sure to replace it. Your next step would be to schedule an appointment with Air Group for maintenance!

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