When Willis Carrier invented the first air conditioning system in 1902 he knew that he came across something special. His air conditioners were great but in order for them to work, he needed to make sure that they had regularly scheduled maintenance. This has never been more important than now. With summer coming and the heat at an all time high, don’t risk having your air conditioner not working—make sure you take care of maintenance before it gets too hot. Here are five reasons why you need air conditioning maintenance.

Be Safe

Even if your air conditioner is working perfectly, it should be serviced once a year to make sure that it is operating at its peak energy efficiency entering the most important time of year. Expecting to reach record highs this summer, the threat of not having a working air conditioner is dangerous to your body temperature and your emotions.

Get The Most Out Of Your System

While your HVAC system runs during the year it accumulates dust and dirt in your air filter. If this is not checked, you can lose over 5% of your air conditioning efficiency.

Save Money

Most companies offer a discount if you sign up for an annual service plan for your air conditioning maintenance. So you can save money while being prepared!

Save Even More Money

If you don’t get your air conditioning maintenance frequently, it could evolve into more problems and become a very expensive issue. It is recommended to be proactive and choose to get your air conditioner maintenance before you need maintenance for it.

Stay Cool

A well-maintained air conditioning system keeps your house cool and it will keep on running despite the weather conditions.

Is Your Air Conditioner Ready For Summer?

Make sure you don’t burn up this summer and get your air conditioner maintenance soon! You can schedule your appointment with Air Group by clicking here.