Standby generators are nifty inventions – for some.  They turn mechanical energy into electrical energy whenever you need it, and who would want that kind of convenience, that kind of security? Especially this time of year when snowstorms happen regularly and blackouts increase dramatically. You have your reasons though, and we’ve gathered a few that we could think of.

1. You Like Your Odds

Pshhh. Who needs to be prepared? You know what you’re up against. You know that in 2018 there were 300,055 people affected by outages in New Jersey. You know that there were over 51 hours (3,092 minutes) of power outages, 116 outages total, 3,847 average people affected by each outage, and each outage averaged over 2.5 hours. And you’re fine with that.

2. You Find Twenty-Degree-Weather Delightful

The average high in New Jersey in the dead of winter (January) is an enjoyable 39 degrees. The average low is an even better 24 degrees. But who doesn’t love wearing a snow jacket and four pairs of socks to bed?

3.You Work Better By Candlelight

You love the science of systematically adding, relighting and adjusting candles while going over work. It’s great. Your eyes love the strain, too.

4. You Think Soup Is Better Cold

Most people like cold pizza. You like cold chicken noodle soup, cold pasta, cold everything.

5. You Love Wasting Time And Money

When the power goes out, your refrigerator loses its chill pretty quickly. While you’ve probably made a few questionable dining choices in your years, feeding your family potentially bacteria-ridden meats and milk is a no-go. So rather than make a long-term investment, you’d rather just replace it all every time the power goes out for the day.

6. You Think Cold Showers Are The Best Showers

Sometimes you even go out and shower straight in the snow. You do your dishes in cold water, too.

7. You Love Hearing Your Kids Complain

Because cold food, showers, no lights, and freezing temperatures don’t really suit seven-year-olds and you always enjoy a good tantrum.

8 Reasons Why You Should Definitely Not Get A Standby Generator8. You’ve Needed An Excuse To Use Up Your Sick Days

When your body is busy defending the cold it is more susceptible to viruses and illness in general. Which is great for you because there’s nothing you love more than being stuck in bed during the holidays.

Chances Are You Didn’t Agree With Most Of These

Which is okay, too. That’s actually what we’re here for. Give us a call to take care of your generator needs before the power goes out! Air Group will handle everything—from working with your utility company to ensure that everything is the right size for your home, to apply for the town permits, delivering, installing, and making sure your new standby generator will perform when you need it the most. We also offer maintenance plans for your current standby generator.

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