As the Holidays arrive, and the temperatures drop, who would possibly be thinking of air conditioning? You should be! Here are some reasons why you should consider air conditioning in the winter:


In the off-season Air Group discounts our pricing for air conditioning installations. If you’re old A/C was giving you trouble, or if you were thinking of improving the value of your home by adding central air conditioning, now is the time to receive our lowest pricing. If your electric bills were over the top in 2015, a new high efficiency system can save you money by lowering your electric bills, and by doing it now, we can save you money on the cost of installation. If you have specific problems cooling specific areas, why wait until next Spring to remind yourself? Our ductless systems can remedy your problem rooms easily, and it will cost you less than lowering the entire house for one room. Address that issue now, instead of that first hot day in March, and we can save you money.

Well-Trained Employees Year Round

At Air Group we keep our highly skilled, well-trained employees year round. We have never been the hire when you’re busy, lay off when you’re not type of company. We have loyalty to our employees, and they reciprocate with above and beyond work ethic. The months of December and January are traditionally the slowest in our industry, so we respond with off-season discounts.

So, bottom line (yours and ours), if you have a need for air conditioning, and were putting it off until the Spring, call Air Group now, and experience the same quality of installation, get peace of mind for when the warm weather hits (2015 was the second warmest Summer on record with more consecutive days above 90!) and enjoy our off-season pricing.

Whether you have an existing proposal from us, or are starting new, you will be pleasantly surprised with your cost, and enjoy a more comfortable and energy efficient home during next year’s cooling season! Click here to make an appointment with Air Group to repair or install your air conditioning in the winter.