If you enjoy a comfortable indoor environment, but own a home without ductwork, then you’ve probably heard of ductless heating and cooling units. You have probably even seen them installed in restaurants, shops, or office buildings, but do you really know what they are?

Ductless units are heating and cooling systems without any ductwork. Each ductless unit is mounted on your wall or ceiling. They directly deliver warm or cool air into different zones in your home, without ducts.

Now you’re probably wondering what the difference is, compared to a regular system with ducts. Here’s the reasons why they’re a great option to think about for your next home improvement:

They Are Easy To Install

Ductless systems do not require the labor or space that is necessary to install a conventional air conditioning system. With a conventional system, in older homes without ductwork, we begin in the attic (evaporator / fan coil / ductwork) connecting to the outdoor section (condenser) with refrigerant lines and control wiring. We work our way down, getting vents in all rooms, sometimes exposing ducts in your closets. With a ductless system, the inside section (evaporator) is connected to the outdoor section (condenser) with refrigerant lines and control wiring. Some older homes have a completely finished attic, making a conventional air conditioning installation impossible, in this instance – a ductless installation makes it possible! Also- many basements are becoming valuable living space- a ductless unit is perfect for this.

Perfect To Supplement Existing Systems

Even if you have ductwork, and an existing HVAC system, there could be a room or two that remain uncomfortable. After exhausting all options with your existing system, a ductless unit is a solution to the problem. That third floor bedroom, or that family room at the end of the house behind the garage, or that “cold” room above the garage- can now be as comfortable as the rest of your home, regardless of the outside temperature.

They Save You Money

Ductless heating and cooling systems save homeowners up to 30% on their home’s total energy bill. Instead of raising or lowering your thermostat for that problem room,they are super energy efficient, meaning they operate on less power than traditional systems.

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