After all of the flooding occurring in the area recently, it is possible you might be experiencing flooding in your home. Although it may seem frightening, we can help you through the process. Before you dive in, here are a few things to watch out for so that you can stay safe when getting your home back in order!

Unplug Electrical Meter

The first step when dealing with flooding in your home is to unplug the electrical meter. This will prevent the risk of becoming electrocuted if there is a power source near your home. In order to stay safe, this part process is essential.

Check your Electrical Equipment

Water damage can be detrimental to many different pieces of electrical equipment in your home. This can include outlet receptors, motors, and circuit boards. Ask a professional at Air Group what items should be replaced after experiencing flooding to protect you and your family’s safety.

Survey the System

After being exposed to excessive amounts of water, parts of your electrical system can be experiencing weaknesses or damages. Parts of the system can rust and become unusable so it is important to call an Air Group electrician to survey the system after experiencing flooding in your home.

Find a Buddy

You may be eager to start fixing your home after a flood, however, it can be very dangerous to go at it alone. Find a buddy who can help you hold flashlights, keep you on track, and make sure there are no injuries while analyzing the scene.

Knowing the steps to take after having a flood in your home can be life saving. Remember this tips and call Air Group to do the rest. We will make sure that the project gets done safely and correctly to get you and your family back to normal!