It’s summer and it’s hot. Of course, your air conditioning unit chooses now to not work, just when you need it the most. Now you’re in the market for air conditioning repairs or a new unit.  

One of the biggest questions consumers face is, do you choose a local business or a big company/group for your air conditioning needs? It’s not a simple choice, as both options offer different benefits. However, if you’re in the market for HVAC services, HVAC groups provide perks that local groups can’t. Here are some reasons why you should choose HVAC groups over local businesses:

Emergency Service: An HVAC group has the ability to offer emergency services that local businesses may not be able to afford. HVAC groups can have technicians available past the traditional 9-5 workday to handle any job that may come up when you least expect it.   

Quick Repairs: Large HVAC groups have more workers than small local air conditioning businesses. Because of this, large HVAC groups can make repairs much quicker.

Expert Training: HVAC groups have their technicians go through an extensive training period. This ensures that the technicians know all of the best ways to perform any job, and they do it right the first time.  

One of the major benefits of a local air conditioning company is they become a part of the community. They provide jobs in a community, and they contribute to fundraisers and sponsor sports teams. Let’s face it, local business is what makes America great.

At Air Group you get the best of both worlds: local company and big group.  Air Group has been in business since 1965 as a father-and-son local business.  Through the years Air Group has grown in size and depth, now offering several home comfort services with Air Conditioning, Heating, Plumbing, Electrical, and Smart Home Divisions that work both independently as well as collectively. You still get that same local business treatment, whether it be a quick repair or a major project, with all of the benefits of a big company, like emergency services in case something happens unexpectedly before or after traditional business hours. Still, family-owned and operated, Air Group prides itself in its relationship with the community and ability to serve the community in a professional way.   

At Air Group, their technicians all go through a three-month training period at The Comfort College where they learn the Air Group way. This involves being taught how to do any project and make sure that a client’s homestays are as close to the condition it was in before the project began as possible. Since Air Group takes your home’s comfort needs seriously, they take care of all the necessary town permits for you. Air Group goes the extra mile for its customers!

Call Air Group today for your air conditioning needs at 973.929.2080 or visit our cooling page for more information on our services.