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Shoveling a 2 ft. perimeter around the generator will allow access for the air intake.  Clearing the top of your generator of snow & ice is essential to prevent the access panel door from freezing shut.

All combustion engines need air to operate and keep the engine cool. If snow or leaves clog the air intake areas the engine will not operate properly. If snow is not cleared away from the generator during a snowy winter, ice may form around the generator due to snow melting. If the generator needs servicing, and it is encased in ice, we may not be able to work on the generator.

Generator Air Group

Clear snow from all sides

Generator Snow Air Group

Clear rear air intake vent

Generator Working Air Group

Check for GREEN LED

Generator Maintenance is Necessary!

Your Generac stand-by generator requires maintenance – Schedule your maintenance today to ensure that your standby generator will perform to maximum capacity and extend the lifespan of the generator.

Inside of your generator is a motor, and just like the motor in your car, it requires periodic oil changes and maintenance. It is important to schedule the first oil change after the first twenty-five (25) run hours of your generator. After that, maintenance is required after the next ONE HUNDRED (100) run hours or one (1) year, whichever comes first.

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