Summer is coming to a close, and this can mean fewer trips to your vacation home. In the past, this meant you would enjoy the beach, lake, or mountain home one last time before saying goodbye, until the weather gets nice again. However, now that home automation exists, you won’t have to worry about that last weekend checklist–turning the water off, locking your home up for the season, etc. Instead, you can savor each moment of the end of your summer. Here are some tips how home automation from Air Group can help your vacation home:


Instead of constantly worrying and imagining who could be at your vacation home while you’re away, you’ll know exactly who is knocking at your door. Smart homes have smart locks that require a person to know the code in order to unlock the door, so you don’t have to worry anymore about your lock getting picked. Installing a video doorbell lets you know from anywhere who is standing at your front door. Finally, video monitoring shows you what’s happening in or around your house. If there is movement in your home, you will be alerted immediately. You can view both your video doorbell and monitoring using your cell phone or tablet.


In the past, people would have to drive out to their vacation homes to change the thermostat for the season. If you have a smart home, all of your appliances are linked, so you can change the temperature from anywhere. Having a smart thermostat can also help you save money, as you can easily adjust temperatures from your phone or tablet!


If there is a problem with your water heater or your smoke alarm goes off, you can be notified immediately. This means you can take care of it ASAP instead of not knowing about it for weeks, maybe months.


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