Good news, it’s finally spring! The long, hot days of summer will be here before you know it. This means you should start thinking about how your cooling system will keep up with the warmer weather. When was the last time you checked your A/C unit? Don’t worry, we know it’s been a while, but you should perform routine maintenance and check for any minor issues before they become bigger ones. Here’s where to start with your spring cleaning and your A/C unit:

Remove Debris

If you winterized your outdoor unit, remove the cover and sweep away any leaves, sticks, and other debris that might have accumulated over the winter. Make sure you trim any surrounding trees and shrubbery that could drop leaves or dirt onto the fan.

Air Conditioner Filters

If you haven’t already, check and replace your air conditioner filters. Dirty clogged filters reduce your A/C unit’s efficiency and airflow, not to mention your overall air quality in your home. Replacing your filter can lower your cooling system’s home energy consumption by 5% to 15%!

Check for Breaks

Check your cooling unit and see if there are breaks, tears or anything that appears out of the ordinary. If you do find any problems, the sooner you schedule an appointment with Air Group, the better prepared your home will be for the warmer weather!

Spring into the season with confidence in your cooling system by contacting Air Group. Our experts are here to test, inspect, and clean your unit to ensure that your system will be able to handle the heat. It’s also a great time to sign up for Air Group’s Priority Plus Maintenance Plan! Enjoy membership benefits and priority service for your system, ensuring it performs efficiently while providing you optimum home comfort. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with a trained technician either online here or call us at 1-800-545-1020.