One of the most important decisions business owners and managers will face is the office environment. From installing a water filtration system or buying a water cooler, to considering a central air conditioning system for the warmer months, all of these decisions affect the staff. With this in mind, did you know that a temperature controlled office increases productivity?

Not having a central air conditioning system, or even having an outdated central air conditioning unit, is costing companies more money due to loss of productivity and other issues that arise from an uncontrolled air temperature environment.  Not having the proper temperature controlled office actually contributes to employee’s sick days too!

Research done in the United Kingdom by the Office of National Statistics shows that working in an office where the temperature is not properly controlled caused a loss of 28 million dollars. One of the main reasons is because the amount of mistakes increases exponentially due to concentration lessening when working in an overheated environment. This causes problem-solving skills as well as even basic functions like data input to be performed carelessly. Being too hot attributes  to slowing down mentally and physically, which can happen extremely quickly.

With summer heating up and the dog days of August slowly approaching, it’s important to have a temperature controlled office. Air Group’s commercial service department provides state-of-the-art central air conditioning systems to make sure your business does not lose productivity because of a stuffy, overheated office.
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