Water is an essential part of your everyday, but do you know exactly what you’re drinking? If you’re drinking straight out of the tap, there’s a good chance that you’re currently taking in different contaminants, chemicals and much more that could be undermining your health. The best way to avoid all these impurities is through filtering your water, and here are the reasons why:

Tap is Dirtier Than It Looks

Sometimes “clean” water from the tap isn’t exactly clean. To get to your sink, tap has to travel through miles of pipeline, often picking up different particles, chemical runoff, and pesticides along the way. Though tap is eventually disinfected through the introduction of chlorine, ammonia, or chloramines and then fortified with fluoride, it’s still a good amount of chemicals that you’re surrounding yourself with everyday.

Your Belongings Will Thank You

By filtering, you cut down on the chance of having build-up in your pipes, help extend the life of your appliances, and so much more. Filtering your water can even prevent spotting and residue on your dish and glassware. Reducing the sediment in your tap has been proven to improve the efficiency of your water heater by 27%. Not only will your belongings thank you for making the switch, but your wallet will too.

Drink to Your Health

Doctors recommend that you should be drinking eight 8-ounce glasses a day. It would seem a little counterproductive though if what you’re drinking is not the best quality water that it could be. When you drink right from the tap, the many different contaminants that make their way into your tap water is also making their way into you. The healthiest choice you can make considering your tap water is to get a filter installed by a professional. ALSO CONSIDER THE MONEY YOU WILL SAVE BY NOT BUYING BOTTLED WATER? DID YOU EVER THINK 10 YEARS AGO THAT YOU WOULD ACTUALLY BE PAYING FOR A BOTTLE OF WATER?!?

Thinking of Making a Change?

If you’re looking to install a water filter device, look no further. Contact Air Group today to schedule an appointment with a trained technician either online here or call us at 1-800-545-1020.