In just a few short weeks, winter will be upon us. This guarantees two things: outside temperatures will be dropping and thermostats will be going up. Although it is inevitable to feel cold during these upcoming frigid months, it is not inevitable that individuals will feel cold, or as cold, at the same time as those around them. Often, people find themselves uncomfortable because the temperature in the entirety of the house is not suited to their individual needs. The best way to alleviate this common annoyance is to install zone heating within your home.

What is Zoned Heating?

This system essentially divides the home into a number of different spaces, allowing each area of the home to be controlled separately by a thermostat. Instead of every room being the same temperature, one family member can set his or her room to 70 degrees, while someone else can watch TV in the room next door at a different temperature of their choosing. These thermostats come in a full line of models that are WiFi capable and include a touchscreen.

The Benefits

Each individual has the opportunity to control how hot or cold they want his or her space to be, and not at the expense of the comfort of those around them. In a life full of day-to-day challenges and hectic schedules, being able to sit comfortably in a room makes things just a bit easier. Additionally, zoned heating can help minimize the use of energy and save money.

The Next Steps

Are you thinking of installing zoned heating? If you’re interested in saving money, energy conservation, and keeping everyone comfortable in your home, contact Air Group at 1-800-545-1020 and speak to a representative to see how we can help you! You may also submit online for your free estimate by clicking this link here!