When you were a child, the last few weeks of the school year always felt like the longest days of your life. Not only were you excited for summer vacation to begin, but you had to deal with classrooms that felt more like saunas. Yes, you stayed a bit cooler by making a fan out of paper, but you still sweated the entire day. In fact, the classroom environment affects a student’s learning process by as much as 25%. This is why air conditioning is essential for schools. Here are some more reasons why temperature-controlled classrooms benefit learning:

“A” for Air Quality

Students exposed to environmental toxins have a lower GPA than students that have better air quality in their classroom. Not only do air toxicants decrease grades, but they also create health problems, which can lead to students missing valuable class time. Air conditioning helps control the air quality of a classroom, so it’s vital to not only have air conditioning in a classroom to filter the air but to make sure you replace your air conditioning filters frequently to ensure maximum performance of your unit.

Exam Scores Drop

A study of 4.5 million New York City high school exit exams illustrates that higher classroom temperatures create a 12.3% higher likelihood of failing a subject exam and a 2.5% lower likelihood of graduating on-time. One reason why is because mistakes increase exponentially in an overheated environment. In a hot classroom, problem-solving skills are performed carelessly.


According to a study, when a classroom is too warm or cold, the brain doesn’t focus on learning. Instead, it is trying to solve how to get the body to cool down or warm-up. How can students learn when their mind is focusing on something else?

In order to make sure students are getting the most out of their education, schools should have air conditioning in every classroom to optimize learning. Luckily, Air Group handles commercial and residential HVAC needs. Air Group can install, perform maintenance, and replace air conditioning units to make sure all your home and commercial cooling needs are met.

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