You might be thinking: Why would I need a heating maintenance plan? For homeowners that care about the well-being of their home and family, being covered by a plan protects the needs of both. It’s like buying a warranty for an expensive electronic that you wouldn’t want breaking down after owning it for less than a year. It provides the security you want with added benefits.

No More Worries

With a heating maintenance plan, you can rest assured knowing that your heating system can experience up to 95% fewer breakdowns with regularly scheduled maintenance. Another benefit of getting regularly scheduled maintenance would be your decreased utility bills by up to 30% as well. In your heating system, there are a lot of small parts that work together to keep the whole thing running. When one of these small parts malfunctions, it’s going to cause trouble for your entire heating system. With a heating maintenance plan, you can avoid a potentially nasty repair bill or replacement which could have easily been avoided. This is especially the case if you need to replace your heating system due to neglect which will cost you thousands of dollars in parts and labor.

Snow Covered House

Do not get left out in the cold!

Priority Service

If you’re in an amusement park, nothing’s more frustrating than having to wait on line for an hour or more just to enjoy less than a minute of getting an adrenaline rush on a rollercoaster. It’s great that many of the biggest amusement parks offer a fast pass to cut ahead of the line so you don’t have to wait as long. Well, that’s just like getting a heating maintenance plan! Do you have no heat in your house and you need someone right away? No problem. As a maintenance plan holder, you’ll be put in a priority line that will be answered before all other routine and emergency calls.

Save More Money

Along with added security and being able to cut in front of lines with a heating maintenance plan, you will receive 50% off on diagnostic fees and 15% off repairs under the Priority Plus Gold Plan. With a platinum membership, 100% of all diagnostic fees are waived. Not only that, but every year Air Group will give you $50 in loyalty credits! How awesome is that?

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