The quality of your furnace maybe the last thing on your mind right now, but the last thing you want is a problem with it in the middle of winter when you need it the most. Be proactive and make sure that doesn’t happen to you! Check out these 5 signs that you need a new furnace.

Know Your Facts

How old is your furnace? Knowing this can be an important factor in determining if your furnace is working at its best capacity. Most furnaces have a life expectancy of between 16 to 20 years. If you have had your furnace for longer than that time frame, it may be time to consider a new furnace.

If you have had work or any kind of repairs on your furnace within the past 2 years, you may want to consider the possibility of a change. These seemingly small fixes are usually an indicator that the furnace is starting to show its age.

The Numbers Keep Rising

No matter how high you push the thermostat up, you still can’t feel a difference. If this is you, it may be a sign your furnace is on its last leg. Your furnace might have an issue distributing the air evenly throughout your home.

The temperature may not be the only thing rising with a broken furnace. Have you noticed that your energy bills have gone up? This may have nothing to do with the rising prices of gas and oil and everything to do with your furnace. As it gets older, your furnace may take longer to produce the same amount of heat for your home while using more energy in the process.

The Light Looking Yellow?

The burner flames of furnaces are blue flames. A sure sign that something may be off with your furnace is if the flame is yellow.

Yellow flames can also be due to an increased amount of carbon monoxide. Since carbon monoxide is a clear and odorless gas, this warning sign can be incredibly helpful in keeping you and your family safe.

The Furnace Is Making Noises

Have the kids been complaining about the scary sound coming from the furnace room? Are you tired of missing the plot twist in your favorite movie because your furnace decided to chime in? Then you may want to check out your furnace. The sounds can be caused by a deteriating part that may not be where it’s supposed to be and be the culprit behind the strange noises.

The Family Feeling OK?

If you have noticed that you and your family have not been feeling well, this might be a sign that there might be something wrong with your furnace. If you’ve noticed symptoms such as headaches, dry skin, and allergy-like symptoms, this might be connected to the air the furnace is circulating.

These Signs Look Familiar?

If you’ve noticed any or all of these 5 signs that you need a furnace, you should look into getting your furnace checked out by a professional before the summer ends. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with a trailed technician either online here or call us at 1-800-545-1020.
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